sesame young leaf powder
Plentifully Polyphenole!"Tasty Green Juice"
No matter who can't drink bitters !
Containing more than 1.2% "Acteocide"

  • The Sesame Leaves Cultivated with LOVE, Plentifully inside.
  • For vegetable deficiency, health and beauty.
  • Germinated Brown-rice Fermented Extracts (GABA) Mixed in.
  • Off course, no Agricultural chemicals between cultivation. Furthermore, only pure Japanese Sesame Leaves used.

How to drink
Drink with a cup(about 180cc) of water(hot water) or soy milk.

Cultivating with Love!

Sesame Young Leaf components (in 100g)
Analysis Test Item Sesame Leaf Barley Kale
Moisture 8.0g 5.4g 4.5g
Iron 16.6mg 20.6mg 5.5mg
Folic acid
760MU/g 290MU/g 540MU/g
Calcium 1360mg 429mg 1530mg
Kalium 4900mg 1430mg 2170mg
Magnesium 477mg 142mg 248mg
Vitamin A 187MU/g 72MU/g 206MU/g
Alpha Carotene 40MU/g Not detected Not detected
Beta Carotene 2220MU/g 864MU/g 2470MU/g
Riboflavin(Vitamin B2) 1.40mg 0.85mg 0.81mg
Vitamin E 4.2mg 3.4mg 8.7mg
Lutein 11.3mg 9.17mg 9.25mg
SuperOxide Dismutase 1500units/g 80units/g 630units/g
Polyphenole 1300mg 600mg 860mg

(Test Organization: Japan Food Research Laboratories / Japan Food Hygiene Association)
*These data are based on the materials of Sesame Young Leaf
*The value of Iron has been changed from 203mg to 16.6mg after the second analysis(revised January 17, 2008)

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